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      We thrive on offering the best surface solutions

      Finzzi surfaces provide a number of practical advantages in addition to an elegant and avant-garde aesthetic. Inspired by nature, the product design seeks to capture all the rich textures that organic materials have to offer.

      That’s how, with a special attention to detail, each model is endowed with realistic finishes. The result of the process is a range of vivid designs with added aesthetic value and 100% recyclable materials that make them suitable for both residential and commercial spaces. Our LVT floors are scratch and stain resistant, easy to maintain, function as sound insulation and much more. You will not need to take special care of your floor, nor will it take hours to clean.



      • + Design + references

        Multiple different designs. Great quality in designs and reliefs. Embossed supreme.

      • Water resistance

        Moisture-resistance, ideal in kitchen or bathrooms.

      • Slip resistance

        Firm under foot, with a slip resistance value of R10

      • Stain resistant

        The top layer protects against knock and stains, they can be removed in seconds.

      • Strong acoustic insulation

        Finzzi produces perfect acoustics in every space. A sound-damping foundation reduces nois to a comfortable level.

      • Ideal for renovations

        Finzzi floors are thin and flexible, which means they can often be installed on top of your existing floor, provided it is level and pressure-resistant, saving a lot of time and effort.

      • Dirt repellent and low maintenance

        The protective layers repels dirt, dust mites and other allergens.

      • Suitable for underfloor heating

        Finzzi feels warm and is perfectly compatible with underfloor heating.

      Product style
      Easy click

      Easy to install, the planks have tabs that fit with the adjacent plank with a click.

      Dry back

      Easy to install, no need tabs for its laying, only a special adhesive applied over the floor.

      Loose lay

      Easy and fast installation. This product no need tabs or adhesives for its installation. It is placed directly on the floor.

      Special pieces
      dilatation profile
      dilatation profile
      step profile
      step profile
      transition profile
      transition profile
      end-profile wall
      end-profile wall
      laminated aluminium skirting 10,9”x98,4”x0,67”
      laminated aluminium skirting 10,9”x98,4”x0,67”