• Finzzi Corporate Offices
  • Finzzi Sales Europe
  • Finzzi Sales USA
  • Calle La Cosa 18
    12200 Onda (Castellon)

  • CV-20, Avda. Mediterraneo 52
    12200 Onda (Castellon)

  • 230 N Maple Ave
    Suite B1, PMB 325
    Marlton, NJ 08053


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      The story
      of finzzi

      As many of the best stories, it all started from a coincidence. Two young entrepreneurs coming from different business environments used to meet at café Finzzi, in a narrow street in Milano. Espresso (with no sugar) was the trigger to start a conversation about embracing a common project that combines their professional interests: David, deeply experienced in coverings industry and design trends and Kiran, a dreamer engineer specialized in sustainable materials. They set up the basis of a new project and decided to name it as the cafeteria where everything started: Finzzi.

      Innovation is
      the ultimate
      of Finzzi

      We firmly believe that Finzzi is poised to become the foremost provider of vinyl flooring in the market. Our commitment to quality and innovation sets us apart, offering a durable, low-maintenance solution suitable for any room whether it’s residential, comercial or hospitality.

      At Finzzi, we understand the importance of sustainability and the need to protect our environment. That’s why our vinyl flooring products are crafted using eco-friendly techniques and materials that are 100% recyclable.

      We thrive on
      offering the
      best surface

      Finzzi’s skilled European design team has developed 100+ high-end PVC floor products, gaining widespread approval in European and American markets. This success provides us with extensive experience in market trends and maintaining high-quality standards.

      Finzzi Surfaces not only showcase a sophisticated aesthetic but also practical advantages, drawing inspiration from nature to capture diverse organic textures. Each model is meticulously detailed, offering realistic finishes and a range of vibrant designs. Our commitment to sustainability is evident through the use of 100% recyclable materials, suitable for residential and commercial spaces.

      Our LVT floors feature scratch and stain resistance, easy maintenance, sound insulation, and more, eliminating the need for extra care and time-consuming cleaning.

      Unique Quality
      Control System

      Finzzi’s strict quality control system has been implemented, following a rigorous quality system that strictly adheres to European standards.

      “3C(consistence)” quality commitment:

      • 1st C: Consistence between the sample and actual product we deliver.
      • 2nd C: Consistence of same item between different productions within 3 years. (no visible shade variation between different production)
      • 3rd C : Consistence of quality standards between our certificated standards and all products from each production. (In our factory, we have a built-in laboratory to regularly test products to make sure all products are up to our certified standards, even though many performance, such as anti-scratch, expansion and contraction rate etc., cannot be told by samples through looking and touching ).